“It isn’t personal, it’s just business” may be a quip from The Godfather, but when you own a business facing legal issues—particularly in the context of a lawsuit—it does not get much more personal. Much more than “just” your business is on the line—your career, your livelihood, and your means to provide for your family and your employees are in jeopardy and may be under attack. This is no time to try to do it yourself or merely ask a friend who might have been in a similar situation. Professional legal help is a must.

Comprehensive Services for Any Business

Whether you have a new business or old, small, medium or large, a family business, professional practice, or an established enterprise, you share something in common with all businesses: a need for qualified, professional legal counsel to help identify legal issues and risks, to assist and advise about preventative measures, and to be able to address legal issues that inevitably arise no matter how much advance planning occurred.

Our firm offers a wide array of services necessary at all stages of the business cycle, from consultation and formation of an appropriate entity structure, to shareholder agreements, employer/employee relationships, mergers, acquisitions and reorganizations, contract review, insurance coverage and disputes, and general business operations, to name a few. When conflicts arise, either between owners or between businesses we handle all kinds of litigation and alternative dispute resolution processes. Our general business practice allows our litigation practice to be more informed about how things work in the real world of business, and our litigation practice helps us be more effective in advising clients in day-to-day operations because we have seen what happens when things go awry and are able to help preventatively plan to avoid such situations.

General Counsel Resources Without the Financial Commitment

If you have a business that could use a General Counsel but can’t afford to have one on staff, our firm is for you. We are available for any project, allowing you to take the prudent step of having a lawyer review your contracts, leases, employee handbook, employee computer use policies, or other important documents without having to have a lawyer “on call” or “on retainer” permanently.

The Law Offices of Joseph A. Lavigne offers a full range of business planning and advising services to tackle any issue that presents itself. We offer comprehensive advice to help you and your business and to avoid common pitfalls that may impair your ability to achieve your objectives. You are good at what you do, but sometimes you need some help along the way. Let us bring our decades of business and corporate law experience to your benefit so we can handle your legal issues and get you back to doing what you do best.

Specialized Litigation Services

Among the most acute issues a business owner can face is a lawsuit involving your company. These situations also often involve allegations of individual liability and it is important to make sure you have an effective advocate who has the experience necessary to navigate you through the difficulties that litigation presents and can help minimize the ongoing impact on you and your business operations while still aggressively defending your rights and seeking an appropriate resolution for you. Our team has extensive experience and a track record of results in all types of business and corporate matters, from the most basic lawsuits to complex commercial litigation. We routinely litigate cases in both the general civil divisions of the district and circuit courts as well as the statutorily mandated Business Courts.

In addition to matters we handle directly, we have a network of affiliated and trusted attorneys who can consult and assist in matters involving bankruptcy, tax law, liquor code compliance, and related specialties.

Below is a sample of the areas in which our business and litigation practice expertise has helped hundreds of clients:

Areas of Practice

Asset sales and acquisitions
Business formations (including corporations, partnerships, LLCs, etc.)
Business transactions
Buying a business
Buy/Sell agreements
Commercial law
Commercial litigation
Construction law and disputes
Construction Lien Act
Contracts (drafting, reviewing, negotiating)
Copyright infringement
Corporate governance
Corporate law
Corporate formation and dissolution
Day-to-day business operations
Defamation and slander
Derivative actions
Employment agreements
Employment disputes
Equitable claims
Facilitation of disputes
Fiduciary duty claims
Financial disputes
Homeowners Associations Law
Insurance matters (coverage, disputes, litigation)
Joint ventures
Land title disputes
Landlord-tenant cases
Leveraged transactions
Limited liability company formation and dissolution
Michigan Consumer Protection Act
Misrepresentation claims
Mortgage fraud
Noncompetition agreements
Nondisclosure agreements
Partnership agreements and disputes
Professional practices (including doctors, dentists, veterinarians, lawyers, etc.)
Purchasing issues
Real estate disputes
Sales and divestitures
Sales Representative Act
Selling a business
Severance agreements
Shareholder agreements and disputes
Shareholder oppression claims
Shareholders rights
Sole proprietorships
Statute of Frauds
Stock purchase/sale agreements
Succession planning
Temporary restraining orders
Tortious interference with contracts and relationships
Unfair business practices
Uniform Commercial Code (UCC)

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