There is no more serious case than when the government threatens to deprive one of its citizens of their liberty based on an allegation of criminal conduct. The Law Offices of Joseph A. Lavigne has experienced and respected trial attorneys who have nearly twenty years combined experience as prosecutors and nearly thirty years combined experience as criminal defense attorneys.

We aggressively defend criminal charges of all kinds including misdemeanors, felonies, and juvenile delinquency cases. We have achieved outstanding results at all levels of the court process, securing numerous acquittals in felony, misdemeanor and juvenile cases, as well as achieving positive resolutions short of trial in countless cases.

Although experienced in all phases of criminal defense, our firm features attorneys with particular expertise in the following areas:

  • Criminal Sexual Conduct and other Sex Crimes
  • Domestic Violence
  • Computer/Internet Crimes
  • Drunk Driving

Schedule an appointment with one of our attorneys to see why so many people have chosen our firm to be their advocate and to stand between them and the state to protect their freedom, their family life, employment, and even their reputation and peace of mind. We handle criminal cases of every kind, from the most minor violation to first degree murder. Some more details about some of these areas are provided below.

Areas of Practice

Assaultive Crimes
Breaking and Entering
Child Abuse
Computer/Internet Crimes
Controlled Substances
Disorderly Conduct
Domestic Violence
Drug Crimes
Drunk Driving
Home Invasion
Homicide and Murder
Juvenile Crimes
Larceny and Fraud
Marijuana Offenses
Property Crimes
Resisting Arrest
Retail Fraud
Sex Crimes
Traffic Tickets
Uttering and Publishing
Weapons Offenses
Probation Violations
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