Domestic violence offenses involve dynamics that reach far beyond the traditional criminal defense practice.  In order to be an effective advocate, a domestic violence attorney must recognize the emotionally charged nature of these offenses as well as the collateral effects of a prosecution on the client’s ability to return home, to see or communicate with their significant other and their children, and must be prepared to aggressively defend the case and ensure the client’s rights are protected in court and beyond.

While at the Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office, Nicki Weisberger spent seven years as a special prosecutor focused on handling “special victim” cases that included sexual assault and Domestic Violence charges.  She has a wealth of experience in the investigation, prosecution, and defense of these and related offenses.

Our firm has extensive experience in dealing with the particular legal and emotional issues domestic violence cases entail and in offering a comprehensive approach to not only appropriately defend a client’s rights but to also ensure that they are not taken advantage of by the system.  Having an experienced attorney is always important, but given the nature of domestic violence prosecutions and the myriad collateral consequences that can impact a person charged with such an offense, it is always a priority to have the right attorney by your side as early in this process as possible.

We have experience handling domestic violence offenses of all kinds and routinely defend the following charges:

Domestic Violence first and second offense misdemeanors

Domestic Violence third offense felony

Aggravated domestic violence

Child Abuse first, second, third and fourth degree

Interference with a telecommunications device

Felony assault or assault with a dangerous weapon

Assault with intent to do great bodily harm

Assault by strangulation

Assault with intent to commit murder


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