Established Track Record of Success

We have more than 50 years combined experience in successfully representing people in a variety of important situations, from the most serious of criminal accusations to complex business transactions and disputes, to dealing with emotionally charged estate and probate litigation issues. We pride ourselves on having preserved hundreds of careers, families, business and education opportunities and countless reputations.

We have established our record of results on the front lines in court, in the boardroom, and in any situation in which our clients find themselves in need of effective advocacy. We represent clients at every stage of life, from the unemployed to the so-called movers and shakers, from the man on the line to professional athletes to teachers, doctors, lawyers, and executives in dozens of fields.

We have appeared before judges at every level of the court system, interacted with hundreds of prosecutors and other attorneys. We have built our reputation for success on results and satisfied clients, not rumors or advertising slogans. We are highly rated by our clients and have received respect and recognition in our profession for our work on behalf of our clients.

Respected By Courts, Prosecutors, Other Attorneys and the Community

The legal community is surprisingly small. We are engaged participants in that community and are not new lawyers who are learning the ropes while trying to find a way not to screw up your case. We are skilled professionals who have worked hard to earn the respect of those in our field. Among the folks we have had the privilege to represent are friends and family members of judges, prosecutors, and other attorneys—those who have had a chance to see us work and to know the results of which we are capable of achieving. We regard it as the highest compliment and respect for our work when those who every day see the best and the worst of attorneys entrust us to represent those about whom they care the most. Just as clients suffer from having their stories disregarded because they are being told by the wrong attorney, we recognize that our reputation is on the line every day and that aggressively approaching cases with integrity is the key to our success and that of our clients.

Realistic Fees

We recognize that our success is the bottom line, but that we must accommodate your financial bottom line as well. In that regard, while we understand that you are interested in selecting the best attorney to represent you, fees are a concern and should be important to you. While professionals may be expensive, if you hire an amateur you will really find out how costly that choice may be. We are not the most expensive attorneys, nor are we the cheapest. If you are simply price shopping and are not as concerned about winning then our firm is probably not for you. But if you are interested in high quality professional legal services commensurate with our years of experience and success, we will be happy to discuss a fee tailored to your individual circumstances and to the facts presented by your case. We work with each client at the beginning to understand your financial situation and to forecast as best we can what work will be involved in your case so you have predictability. If there are unknown factors that can affect your fees beyond original expectations, we do our best to help identify those and to address them together.

You Choose Your Lawyer, We Choose Our Clients

We proudly admit we are different than most law firms. We don’t take every case that comes through the door and then try to figure out how to manage it afterwards. We are skilled and successful enough to be able to dedicate ourselves to the cases we are best at, and to only take the cases we have time for so that we can consistently deliver high quality legal services and client satisfaction.

We each have specific areas of expertise where we are very good and we do not pretend to be experts in areas where we are not. We will turn down cases that are outside our skill sets even if you really want us to take the case and offer to pay us accordingly. Your success and ours are too important to do otherwise. In situations where we do not accept a case we are happy to refer you to competent counsel who can assist you. We are established enough in the community to know an outstanding attorney that we trust in virtually every practice area and to whom we can refer you if we are not the right lawyers for you. Simply put, we don’t “wing it” when it comes to our clients or the issues that matter to them. The many positive results and testimonials we have received say more than we ever could on our own about our approach.

You are Not Your Case

One of the ironies of what we do is that we often have a chance to help very good people dealing with very bad times. We often represent very successful people who just happen to be dealing with one of life’s curve balls or are facing the most stressful or out of character experience of their lives. Our clients are career oriented, they are younger people still in school but with professional aspirations and bright futures, and they are parents and grandparents who are doing their best to look out for their families. We live and work here too, doing many of the same things and trying to achieve many of the same goals in life that you are. We recognize that most of the time someone comes to see us it is not because they are having a great day, but because they have been accused of some kind of wrongdoing, or are the victim of wrongdoing, and it is very stressful and taxing in many areas of their life. We are experienced in dealing with the anxieties and uncertainty of your situation, in aggressively defending you and presenting your side of the story, and in meeting your needs, not just the issues presented by your case. Our job is to do everything we can to address the issue that brought you to us, to achieve the best result for your individual situation, and to get you back to your regularly scheduled life, doing what you do best.

Much More than Just Results

Of course we focus on achieving the best result possible in every situation. But we are also sensitive to the fact that even though a successful conclusion is the goal, the process of getting there can be very difficult. You are involved in a system that runs on a different timetable than you expect, and there are rules that apply that you may not be familiar with and that don’t always seem to make sense. What seems cut and dried to you may not seem so clear in the hands of a judge or jury. You may feel like the cards are stacked against you and the other side has prejudged your result before you have even had a chance to tell your story.

From beginning to end, we work to address your concerns and temper your anxieties. We will tell you about all possible outcomes but will also do our best to predict the most likely outcome. We will be at your side every step of the way and will continue to analyze your situation and propose alternatives that might bring about your desired result in a way not originally anticipated. We will prepare you for court or whatever issues are to come. We will be your voice when you might not be able to find the words. We will be prepared to deal with whatever comes your way. We will aggressively advocate on your behalf but always remember that you are in charge of your own case. We will be respectful of your opinions and your time, and will do whatever we can to minimize the adverse impact of your case on your job, your family, and your future.

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Joe Lavigne

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