Our firm and each of our attorneys strive to achieve the best possible results for our clients in all matters. We recognize that what might be a good result for one client might not fit the needs or desires of another, and we do our best to successfully resolve each case in the manner most appropriate for each individual client. Although it is impossible to list the multitude of successful results of our representation, the following are provided as examples of results we have achieved in certain cases.

Sample Criminal Case Results

People v R.T. (Oakland County Circuit Court): following complaints of drug trafficking at a local mall client was caught with 20 individually wrapped baggies of marijuana in his pocket and charged with possession with intent to deliver. We tried the case and he was convicted by jury of only possession. At sentencing we successfully petitioned the court to take the charge under advisement and it ultimately was dismissed by court.

People v S.B. (Oakland County Circuit Court): secured jury verdict of acquittal for client charged with assault with a dangerous weapon, despite positive identification by witness who saw him strike his ex-girlfriend with his car, breaking her leg, and then driving to his parents’ house where the car was found by police.

People v D.B. (Oakland County Circuit Court): secured jury verdict of acquittal of first degree criminal sexual conduct, despite allegation that client entered through a bedroom window and raped the victim and was seen leaving the house by a friend of hers.

In re G.N. (Oakland County Juvenile Court): secured agreement for dismissal of charges of armed robbery, malicious destruction of property and possession of marijuana.

People v R.L. (Oakland County Circuit Court): victim was handcuffed to a chair and was stabbed multiple times and had his throat cut. Defendant’s DNA was found in more than a dozen locations at the scene of the killing. Jury returned a verdict of not guilty of premeditated murder (but guilty of a less serious offense).

People v G.T. (Wayne County Circuit Court): despite client’s admissions to a police detective, litigated case and secured a plea reduction from multiple counts of felony criminal sexual conduct that would have required a lengthy prison sentence to a single misdemeanor count with ninety days in work release.

People v A.P. (Macomb County Circuit Court): secured agreement that led to dismissal of negligent homicide charges against client.

People v J.S. (Lapeer County Circuit Court, 71/A District Court): secured a judge’s order dismissing first degree criminal sexual conduct charges at preliminary exam following thorough cross-examination of witnesses.

In re H.R. (Oakland County Juvenile Court): secured agreement that led to dismissal of first degree criminal sexual conduct charges against juvenile client.

People v M.O. (Oakland County Circuit Court): secured pretrial dismissal of felony drug charges following successful Fourth Amendment challenge.

People v C.M. (47th District Court): secured jury verdict of acquittal for client charged with retail fraud after she was found by loss prevention officer to have several hundred dollars worth of the store’s tagged and unpaid for merchandise in her bag as she was leaving the store.

People v J.T. (51st District Court): secured a trial verdict of acquittal of charges of possession of marijuana and driving while license suspended, despite client being behind the wheel of her running car with marijuana in her purse.

People v R.A. (52/3 District Court): secured jury verdict of acquittal for client charged with domestic violence.

People v B.H. (50th District Court): secured jury verdict of acquittal for client charged with domestic violence—second offense.

In addition to these results, we have successfully achieved hundreds of other acquittals and dismissals, as well as thousands of plea reductions and favorable sentence agreements short of trial.

Sample Drunk Driving / Traffic Case Results

People v T.H. (52/3 District Court): citizen tip led to stop of alleged drunk driver; driver failed all sobriety tests and had a breath alcohol content of 0.24. Case was dismissed on our motion to suppress all evidence as a result of a Fourth Amendment violation.

People v L.R. (Oakland County Circuit Court): citizen tips led police to pursue a suspected drunk driver who had her minor children in the car. Secured dismissal of felony drunk driving—third offense after demonstrating police officer gave false testimony related to the stop and arrest of defendant.

People v C.B. (34th District Court): Client was charged with operating while intoxicated.  After evidentiary challenges, secured plea reduction on the day of trial to a two-point civil infraction for failure to use due care and caution.

People v F.D. (16th District Court): secured dismissal of drunk driving case where client was stopped for a traffic violation and blew 0.27 on the breath test.

People v L.E. (34th District Court): Client with 9 points in the preceding 15 months was clocked doing 92 mph in a 55 mph zone.  Obtained zero-point violation with a fine that was less than the original citation.

People v L.L. (Multiple District Courts): Client with several prior infractions had traffic violations concurrently pending in three courts, two of which involved accidents. Successfully resolved all three cases without any points being assessed or any citations being reportable to her driving record.

In addition to these results, we have successfully achieved thousands of plea reductions and favorable sentence agreements short of trial.

Sample Civil Case Results

S.A. v P.C. (Oakland County Circuit Court): In a complex commercial and real estate litigation matter, obtained judgment for our client of more than $5,000,000 against a former business partner.

D.M. & J.M. v R.M. & D.M. (Oakland County Circuit Court): Obtained judgment of $500,000 for client who was sexually assaulted by a family member, and a separate confidential settlement amount against another family member for knowing of the abuse and failing to protect the victim.

J.T. v F.B. (Oakland County Circuit Court): successfully defended claims in litigation alleging our client committed fraud and engaged in unfair trade practices. We secured a dismissal of all of the plaintiff’s claims and obtained a judgment against the plaintiff for our client’s attorney fees.

M.W. v C.H. (Oakland County Circuit Court): secured dismissal of plaintiffs’ claims for fraud, breach of contract, and violations of the Michigan Consumer Protection Act, and received an award for sanctions against plaintiffs’ attorney for a portion of our clients’ attorney fees.

P.D. v S.F.M.A.I.C.  (Wayne County Circuit Court)  Client was a passenger in a motor vehicle that rear-ended another car.  Client’s injuries included herniated cervical discs requiring fusion and the insurance company refused to pay any of her claims.  We obtained policy limits on her claim against the at-fault driver and successfully sued her insurance company for recovery of her costs for surgery, hospitalization, physical therapy, replacement services, mileage, and wage loss, as well as future medical benefits.

T.A. v K.O. (Washtenaw County Circuit Court): successfully litigated enforcement of challenged agreement between parties resulting in a substantial resolution in our client’s favor.

R.K. v G.A. (Gladwin County Circuit Court): despite client’s admission to police that he went to petitioner’s home in violation of a personal protection order, secured dismissal of the PPO after two-day evidentiary hearing, with the court finding that client “was not a threat to anyone.”

F.B. v. J.C. (U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan): secured significant six-figure judgment for client for breach of contract, fraud and civil conspiracy.

[Confidential case caption] (U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan): successfully litigated breach of contract and indemnity claim resulting in defendants settling early in the case for the majority of a nearly $250,000 claim.

N.W. v A.F.M.I.C.  (47th District Court) Homeowners’ insurance claim for a water intrusion in their basement was denied.  We sued the insurance company and went to trial, securing a verdict awarding clients recovery for their damages, plus all of their attorney fees.

In addition to these results, we have successfully litigated a variety of cases and negotiated favorable settlements and resolutions to a multitude of issues short of trial.

Sample Estates / Probate Litigation Results

The vast majority of our successes in Estate Planning are not publicly reportable because they involve inherently private and sensitive matters. However, our many clients have had the benefit of our expertise and foresight in helping them to address long-term and succession issues in a positive and comforting way that has allowed them to successfully achieve their goals and have solid peace of mind going forward.

Because of the nature of probate cases, the true successes lie in those matters that we handled by arranging affairs appropriately for our clients without the matter ultimately having to go to court. However, sometimes litigation is unavoidable and in those instances these are among the results we have achieved:

In re J.D. (Macomb County Probate Court): a significant third party creditor opened the estate of our client’s brother. We successfully petitioned court to remove that creditor, have our client appointed as personal representative, and then successfully disallowed the creditor’s claim (as well as those of additional creditors) against the value of the estate.

In re D.W. (Oakland County Probate Court): in probate contest among decedent’s three surviving children, successfully defended our client against challenge to him continuing as personal representative, and securing him a very favorable division of property including a vacation home, and payment of a portion of his attorney fees from the other two siblings’ shares.

T.G. v Estate of H.C. (Wayne County Circuit Court): Twenty months after Client’s father passed away, pedestrian slipped on ice in front of the home and was injured. A claim was reported to the insurance company who promptly denied the claim and canceled the policy. We sued on Client’s behalf and the court ruled that the insurance company not only had to defend and indemnify the estate going forward but that our client was entitled to reimbursement for all of her attorney fees incurred.

Sample Appeals Results

Michigan v. J.C. (U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit): successfully petitioned court to reinstate client’s appeal after prior lawyer missed deadlines, failed to file paperwork or pay court fees, resulting in dismissal of appeal nearly 18 months earlier.

D.W. v I.C. (Michigan Court of Appeals): Successfully defended circuit court dismissal of breach of contract and breach of fiduciary duty claims that would have subjected real estate client to personal liability.

A.Z. v F.B. (Michigan Court of Appeals): Successfully defended circuit court dismissal of claim against our client seeking more than $1,000,000 in damages for alleged breach of contract, fraud, and tortious interference with business.

People v F.B. (Michigan Court of Appeals): Successfully defended district and circuit courts’ denial of prosecutor’s attempts to forfeit client’s vehicle that was used in a repeat offense drunk driving case.

In addition to these results, we have successfully litigated a variety of cases on appeal and have also negotiated favorable settlements and resolutions to a multitude of issues short of a final appellate decision.

“Joseph Lavigne is an excellent lawyer and one that I can trust and rely on to represent his client, maintain the confidence of the bench, perform well in difficult cases and is always on top of the changing laws. There exist many good lawyers, but Mr. Lavigne is exemplary and deserves the recognition… as one of America’s best lawyers! I would hire him myself if necessary!”


“You treated my son like he was your son. You did everything you could for him.”

Y. G.

First degree murder client's mother

“You… provided me with superior legal service with excellent results. For that I will be eternally grateful!”


Criminal sexual conduct client

“I can’t thank you enough for helping my brother out today.  He said that you were the only thing that kept him out of jail.  I don’t know if he can express how grateful he is, but I wanted to take the time to thank you for representing him.”


Second offense drunk driving client's brother

“I really appreciate everything that you have done for me. You have helped me through this unfortunate situation and because of you, I have received the ideal outcome. You vouched for me in court, I am honored and will not let that be in vain. You have given me a second chance to redeem myself and to cleanse the past. Thank you for everything, although the situation was unfortunate, it was a pleasure to have met you.”


Delivery of a controlled substance client

“Thanks for your support during this difficult time.  While participating in criminal proceedings is not part of my normal routine I know that there are certain characteristics and attributes that would be desirable in any virtually any endeavor.  Nicki has these talents in great abundance.  She is a rare individual that embodies all of the desirable attributes and talents required of a first class litigator but tempered with an affable personality, professional demeanor and an extremely intelligent and quick mind.  Nicki conducted her interrogations in a professional yet firm manner, the prosecutor eventually reverted to sarcasm and badgering.  Nicki had a complete command of the facts.  I was fortunate that she represented me.  I am also positive that without her diligence and dedication, my case could very well have gone the other way.  I owe you more than it’s possible to pay.”

R. A.

Domestic violence client

“Thank you for giving me such great advice on my daughter’s case. You’re a great guy and an excellent attorney and I feel very lucky to be able to call on you when needed.”

C. S.

Civil litigation and criminal contempt client

“I cannot tell you how appreciative and grateful I am to you.”


Drunk driving and retail fraud client

“I wanted to pass along to you both a great big thank you for a job well done regarding my case!  I believe we achieved the best possible outcome and I thank you both for your efforts!”


Drunk driving client

“Thank you so very much for all of the assistance in getting my company up and running.  Thanks again for all the help.”


Business client

“Well done! Thank you for your diligence and professionalism in handling this matter.”


Criminal appeal

“Thanks again for everything throughout the process.  This probably ended up as well as it could have for our son.”


Drunk driving client's father

“A note of thanks. I was indeed dreading this process and desperately looked forward to putting it behind us. I feel like I have a new lease on life.  You exceeded my expectations.”


Civil litigation client

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